Is Your Payroll Growing?

It is terrific working with an organisation that can adapt to needs so readily and effectively. The number one reason we continue to use Jefferson is their staff; they are exceptional and show a willingness to ensure that all queries and issues are dealt with quickly and accurately. amo_ip_small  
Fergal O’Connor (Disbursements Manager)

What makes us different to your current provider

What to expect?

  • Excellence. Jefferson is Ireland's top payroll outsourcing provider with over 175 years of combined payroll experience and expertise.


  • We will help you reduce costs, add expertise and ensure contingency, confidentiality and peace of mind; all so important for something as "mission critical" as payroll.


  • We will help make your payroll function work for you.  We believe in continuous improvement; an efficient and effective payroll process as your business needs grow.


  • We develop our own payroll software so we regularly introduce new and innovative service offerings and enhancements.


  • We are a payroll outsourcing provider for SME, large enterprise, multinational companies and start-ups.


  • With a customer satisfaction rating of 98.3%, you’ll see why Jefferson is Ireland's top payroll outsourcing provider.