Enterprise Payroll Services

As your business and employee numbers grow, so do the demands of your employees and company stakeholders.  A streamlined workflow, accurate reporting and employee support are essential as your payroll evolves. Our enterprise payroll service focuses on keeping your payroll well-structured, efficient and effective ensuring you can focus on continued growth.  We offer a range of services to suit your requirements:

Enterprise Service Services (expand)

  • Payroll / Site Analysis
  • Balancing & Testing
  • Multiple Frequencies
  • Consolidated Reporting
  • Employee Record Maintenance
  • Data Collation Systems
  • Error Reducing Input Methods
  • Data Encryption Transfer
  • Import data from other software, e.g. SAP, Oracle, Workday, Core, SAGE, TMS, Kronos, Time Point, etc.
  • Incoming & Outgoing P45 Management
  • Payment to employees (SEPA)
  • Statutory ER reports in PDF
  • Securely Sealed Payslips or iPayslips Portal
  • General Ledger Upload Files (CSV or TXT)
  • Third party payments, e.g., pension or net deductions
  • Third party reports / file uploads
  • Excel Data Files,e.g., for your own analysis (macros, pivots, etc.)
  • Employee Query Support (direct or indirect)
  • Tax Filing Agent (ROS)
  • All Year End Administration (P35 / P60 / Software Updates)

“Since we started outsourcing our payroll with Jefferson in 2008, we have never looked back. The time and costs savings compared to running payroll in-house are clear. This coupled with the flexibility provided as well as the access to payroll expertise as needed, make our payroll function efficient and effective. iPayslips are a great time saver too.”  
Karen Kellaghan (Finance Manager)


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