SME Payroll Services


  1. Efficient, comprehensive SME payroll services
  2. For small to medium sized business payrolls
  3. Smart PAYE returns 
  4. Flexible pricing structure to help you grow 
  5. SME payroll services built on great relationships 
  6. Pricing structure guaranteed to save you time, money and stress
  7. Well structured, “easy-to-use” data transfer system
  8. Remove manual intervention and reduces the risk of errors
  9. Process includes approval and amendment stages 
  10. Gives you control and peace of mind 
SME Payroll Services (expand)
What’s Included?

  • Employee payroll maintenance
  • Revenue tax updates via ROS (RPN Management)
  • Starter/ Leaver payroll processing
  • Fixed pay & deduction payroll processing
  • Variable pay & deduction payroll processing
  • Calculation of payroll
  • System validation and spot checking
  • Data validation & approval
  • Payment to employees (bank file upload) – option 
  • Payment and reporting to third parties – option
  • Choice of payslips or iPayslips
  • ER Copy Payslip & statutory reports
  • Annual New Tax Year Transition
  • Year End Payroll Budgetary Software Updates

I have worked with financial/ Payroll organisations for more than 10 years in different countries. The last six years I have worked for HISC and I am supported in Payroll by Jefferson. I work directly with Jackie and I am very happy about this relationship. I would like to take this opportunity to pay special thanks to Jackie. She is always very friendly, flexible and helpful. I receive any needed information, documents or support very quickly. She makes my tasks/job less stressful and more effective. Thank you Jackie. I wish your company a lot of success and I hope we can work together for a long time. hisc_pa_small
Agnes Czarnecka (Payroll Administrator)


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