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Stress Free Payroll

It is the weekend again and what a weekend if you are a) a Republic of Ireland soccer fan or b) a Bruce Springsteen fan.

Yes, the BIG and the BOSS are in the town tonight so if you are going along to either the Aviva or Croker, have a great time!

In 7 days time it will be the start of the June Bank Holiday weekend so this is just a quick reminder to begin preparing for that shorter payroll week if you are a weekly/fortnightly payroll cycle.

Some tips for shorter weeks:

  1. Close off your starters and personnel (master data) changes as well as fixed changes (rates, comps benefits) by the Friday before (if possible)
  2. Emphasise importance of getting P45s from new hires early to avoid temporary tax arrangements
  3. Ask for hourly/varibale data as early as possible from managers and in one submission
  4. Get it in to your payroll contact early Tuesday morning
  5. No late changes from employees (unless critical) to prevent processing delays

Enjoy this weekend and enjoy the long weekend in 7 days (even more!)

Bring on the summer.

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All the best,
The Team at Jefferson


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