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Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) released the following publication providing important info on the change in rates of payment for the Pandemic Unemployment Payment (PUP) which you may find useful.


On 29 June, the rate of payment from the COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment changed. There are now two rates of payment. These are based on what you earned from previous employment:

if you earned less than €200 a week, your payment will change to €203 per week
if you earned €200 or more a week, your payment won’t change and you will continue to receive €350 per week
To continue receiving this payment, you need to confirm your eligibility by 13 July. You can do this on

Why the rate is changing
When the Pandemic Unemployment Payment was launched in March 2020, it was paid at a flat rate. This meant that everyone who received the payment was getting the same amount of weekly income support. The rate of payment was not based on previous income or the number of hours worked.

This meant that everyone who needed income support was able to get it quickly.

As a result, some recipients, mainly working a lower number of hours, received a higher amount of income support than from their previous employment.  It is important that the social welfare system is fair – that is why changes have been made to the rate of payment.

If you receive a lower rate of Pandemic Unemployment Payment, it will still be greater than the amount you previously earned from your employer.(Source: