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Young office employee taking advantage of the Cycle to Work scheme

Revenue recently provided an update to the Cycle to Work scheme summarised as follows:

  • Applies to pedal cycles, tricycles and pedelecs
  • Bike to Work scheme exemption limit increased from €1000 to €1250 for bicycles 
  • Up to €1500 for electric bikes (pedelecs)
  • Bicycle Safety Equipment can be still included 
  • Avail of once in every FOUR years (previously FIVE years)*

*If an individual availed of the scheme within the four-year period prior to 1 August 2020, he or she cannot immediately avail of the uplift in the scheme limits. The individual will be able to avail of the increased limits once the four-year period has expired. 

Please read the Revenue PDF for (Source: Revenue)

  • what qualifies as a bike
  • four/five year exemption examples
  • a list of allowed safety equipment
  • qualifying journeys
  • salary sacrifice arrangement

All the best,

The Team at Jefferson