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With everyone looking to get paid in time for Christmas it is critical that payroll doesn’t get delayed in December! Here is our list of Dos and Don’ts to help make it a very happy (employee) Christmas:


  1. ...ensure you know bank closure dates over Christmas and the week up to New Year
  2. decide early how many pay runs you need, e.g., main run & bonus run (or both in the one run)
  3. insist on an “unmoveable” target pay date (or dates) for your employees
  4. remember bank deadlines cannot move 🙂
  5. bring forward your internal cut-off dates to ensure changes are submitted on time
  6. decide early how and when to pay the week between Christmas and New Year if applicable
  7. inform relevant staff that provide you payroll changes of points 1 to 6 above!


  1. ...wait for payroll data to come to you – demand it early as pay day is on your head!
  2. allow tardiness by staff providing payroll input to risk everyone else getting paid late
  3. panic in the run up to Christmas, if you need help just ask for it (Jefferson clients can always ask us :-))
  4. forget, it’s Christmas! So enjoy the festive season, don’t spend all your pay in one store and remember you and your staff may not get paid again until the end of January (Ouch!) 

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All the best,
The Team at Jefferson

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