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An update/mandatory requirement on the eRegistration Service Revenue provided for companies is outlined below and is related to the Companies Act Amendment for LTD & DAC companies.

Revenue’s eRegistration Service for Companies

From 7 December 2015, when using Revenue’s eRegistration service to register a new company for tax purposes, it will be mandatory for all applicants to enter the Company Registration Office (CRO) number. The CRO number will be automatically validated against the CRO record and the verified CRO number will be used to pre-populate the fields on the “Company Details” screen in the eRegistration service.

The registration screen in the eRegistration service also contains a new field and associated check box for the new company type known as “Designated Activity Companies” (DAC). When validating the CRO number, details of the company type will also be provided and if the company is a DAC, the check box will be automatically updated.

When registering the new simplified “Private Limited Company” (LTD Model), information about one company director only will be required on the “Director Details” page. However, this company type must have a separate Company Secretary. All other company types will require details of two directors.

If the CRO number entered cannot be validated against the CRO Register, registration through the eRegistration service will not be possible and the customer will be advised to contact the Companies Registration Office.


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