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P60 How to Read Featured

P60 EXPLAINED (mouse-over effect) to help you interpret and understand your P60

Click the button below to learn how to read and interpret your P60

Understanding your P60


  • mouseover the P60 to get an instant explanation of sections
  • some explanations have links to further details
  • Layouts for P60s can vary (as different software has slightly different layouts)
  • content of P60s are essentially the same

When do you receive your P60?

  • Only when your employer’s P35 is complete can your P60 be issued
  • It is normally issued in January (or by the latest February 23rd which is the P35 deadline)
  • It is your earnings and tax record for the previous tax year

What do I need my P60 for?

  • For seeking a tax refund / applying for a P21 balancing statement
  • To help complete a tax return
  • To apply for a loan or mortgage
  • For queries on pay and tax for previous tax years

What is this guide for?

  • This  guide to help you understand your P60
  • A P60 can change from year to year with elements often added as legislation changes in Ireland.
  • This guide highlights each section on the P60 to hopefully help you learn how to read it and have a better understanding of an Irish P60 in general.

Other Services:

Jefferson Payroll offers Payslip & P60 presentations (so employees can learn specifically how their payslip calculations work specific to their payroll) and are available from mid-late February so let us know if your company is interested. For more details contact us.


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