Is Your Payroll Growing?

“Since we started outsourcing our payroll with Jefferson in 2008, we have never looked back. The time and costs savings compared to running payroll in-house are clear. This coupled with the flexibility provided as well as the access to payroll expertise as needed, make our payroll function efficient and effective. iPayslips are a great time saver too.”  
Karen Kellaghan (Finance Manager)

What makes us different to your current provider

What to expect?

  • Excellence. Jefferson is Ireland's top payroll outsourcing provider with over 175 years of combined payroll experience and expertise.


  • We will help you reduce costs, add expertise and ensure contingency, confidentiality and peace of mind; all so important for something as "mission critical" as payroll.


  • We will help make your payroll function work for you.  We believe in continuous improvement; an efficient and effective payroll process as your business needs grow.


  • We develop our own payroll software so we regularly introduce new and innovative service offerings and enhancements.


  • We are a payroll outsourcing provider for SME, large enterprise, multinational companies and start-ups.


  • With a customer satisfaction rating of 98.3%, you’ll see why Jefferson is Ireland's top payroll outsourcing provider.