Flexible pay for today's workforce


Life is on-demand, why not payday?

With the PayBoost mobile app, your staff can benefit from accessing up to €100 of their earned salary each week instead of waiting for monthly pay cycles. Flexible wages mean your staff can better deal with unforeseen costs, avoid cash flow challenges, and improve financial stability.

“For 72% of adults, financial stress is a reality of daily life”

Mental Health Foundation

Wages on-demand aids financial  wellbeing

Negative debt cycles are one of the key contributors to financial stress for most people, and the ability to have available money for unforeseen costs is one of the key factors of financial wellbeing as it cuts reliance on expensive credit facilities. Getting wages before payday not only helps planning but also removes the need for financial traps like overdrafts, credit cards, predatory money lenders, or short-term debt.

“Lost productivity due to money worries impacts a company’s bottom line by 4%”

Barclays Bank

Better financial wellbeing is better for your business.

PayBoost can cut reliance on expensive credit and overdrafts, making way for a happier and less financially burdened workforce. As a result, your business can expect to have happier, more productive staff and an improved employer brand.

Free for our clients.

With no extra cost to your current payroll service from Jefferson, your employees will pay a small fee each time they access their wages with PayBoost. A fixed fee of €2.5 for €50 or 5€ for €100 is settled through the payroll process on a monthly basis. The PayBoost fee plus the advanced amount is automatically deducted from the employees following months wages, ensuring no build-up of debt. With limits of 4 or 5, €100 boosts per month (depending on days in the month) it’s designed to be used responsibly and for short periods/

What PayBoost is not: 

  • It is NOT and advance on future earnings.
  • There is NO interest charged.
  • It is NOT a payday loan.
  • It is NOT daily payroll or replacing payroll.

Money Jar

Freedom to be better with money

PayBoost is an exclusive service from our partner Money Jar, a digital money platform committed to building tools and services to help everyone be better with money.

A simple new approach to a digital current account

While PlayBoost can alleviate short term cash-flow problems a Money Jar digital current account has lots of ways to stay on top of personal spending and improve long term financial wellbeing through better money management:

  • Unlimited Money Jars help plan for the good times ahead
  • Free, instant payments to others on Money Jar
  • Bank to bank transfers
  • Online payments
  • Contactless Google Pay or Apple Pay
  • Direct debits and standing orders
  • Pay-as-you-go model, no hidden fees
  • No service fee for the first month
  • Easy app signup for less paperwork

You can expect to see the Money Jar digital current account available to your employees by way of an upgrade to the PayBoost app very shortly. FIND OUT MORE AT MONEYJAR.IE

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