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Revenue has published this recent update below on their website summarising:

  • Monthly Statements
  • Amendments
  • Validation Errors
  • Obligations
  • Further Information

PAYE Mod Update

Revenue recently provided the below update on their website, which summarises the following:

By now, all employers who made payments to their employees in January should have submitted details of their employees’ pay and deductions to Revenue. This includes any payments made in January, regardless of when the money was earned.

Early next week, monthly statements for employers will be available to view in ROS detailing the PAYE, PRSI, USC and LPT due on payments made in January.

  • If the payroll details submitted are correct, the statement can be accepted and will form the employer’s return.
  • If not, employers have until 14 February to make any amendments to the payroll data submitted, which will, in turn, update the statement. After that date, the statement will be deemed to be a return based on the information submitted by the employer.

Validation errors

Errors detected by the validation process… > (opens in a new tab)”>READ ON >>

(Source: Revenue )



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