iPayslips - For PC, Mac, tablet or phone; view your payslips anywhere...



iPayslips | Exclusive to Jefferson

Online Payslips

Enhance your employees payroll experience with Jefferson’s exclusive online payslips portal (iPayslips), giving you 24/7 access to view, print or save your documents.

Employer copies are also provided electronically, which provides two benefits; it removes the need to store paper copies and it ensures better security of employees’ personal data.

  • Desktop and Mobile versions
  • PC, Mac, tablet or phone; view your payslips anywhere!
  • SSL encrypted web application – fully tested and regularly scanned
  • No data downloaded to mobile version
  • Self maintaining – forgot passwords, account reset, registration.
  • Easy-to-use & environmentally friendly
  • View, download, print your payslips
  • 2 years history (rolling)
  • Automatic email notification
  • Securely hosted and maintained by Jefferson
  • Free Technical Support Helpdesk
  • Free Built-in Information Centre (desktop access only)
  • Free Built-in Payslip Query Resolution (desktop access only)

iPayslips saves you time, reduces costs and keeps your employees happy.
And it comes with FREE support

Payslips on the go.

Access multiple periods, anytime, anywhere.