Payroll Services

Payroll Processing is a vital part of any business. To ensure everyone gets paid on time, every time, there has to be a clear and precise strategy in place when it comes to managing payroll. This is a demanding, timely and often complex process and without the right resources in place, it puts huge amounts of pressure onto a business.  Jefferson Payroll has been providing payroll outsourcing services in Ireland for almost 50 years. Your company can count on our payroll experience, expertise, resources, and security.

Outsourcing Payroll Services in Ireland

For national and international companies not aware of all the regulations in Ireland, payroll management can be a complex and problematic process. We understand the importance of professionally handling areas such as payroll, and how paramount it is for businesses that everything is done efficiently and expertly.  Jefferson Payroll can set up payroll administration tailored to your company’s needs and requirements. 

Our payroll processing services include: 

  • Managing end-to-end processing, salaries, benefits, bonuses, BIK, deductions, payments, statutory reporting and payslips.
  • Ensure compliance with Irish taxation liabilities, RPN management, PAYE, USC, and PRSI contributions 
  • Providing employee support sites and popular posts, e.g. How to Access your Employment Detail Summary (P60 Replacement)
  • Providing employer support on payroll norms, guidance around pay & deduction tax treatment, managing workflow, data integration with existing systems, e.g. General Ledger interfaces, third party file exports, and data collation systems.

This is why our clients choose us as their payroll company in Ireland

Dealing with payroll internally presents a challenge for most companies. A lot of factors need to come into consideration such as hiring qualified personnel to process payments, or the required security, accuracy, timeliness and the necessary compliance to regulatory requirements of the process itself. By choosing to outsource payroll with Jefferson Payroll, companies can save both time and money. We can proudly say that we’re leaders in Irish Payroll outsourcing, working on some of the most elite executive payrolls for a wide number of corporations throughout the country. A fully dedicated team will manage all aspects, ensuring that all employees get paid correctly and promptly every single month. There are many plus points with regards to how the system operates, and a business can benefit in so many ways, such as: 

  • You can operate globally and seamlessly
  • It simplifies compliance with regulations
  • It reduces the burden and pressure of Administration, HR, and Finance teams

Outsourcing will help to reduce business costs whilst also taking away the stress of the possibility of having tax penalties. We will handle the payroll administration for your company in Ireland so that you can focus on your core business. We can assure total privacy and confidentiality as payroll is processed externally. 

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?  

Costs depend on multiple factors, such as how many employees your company has and how frequently you pay your staff. At Jefferson Payroll, we have a transparent pricing system to match our bespoke payroll services. Contact us for a quote should you require further information and the changeover will be addressed by us, with utmost accuracy, speed and efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.


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