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If you are a UK company moving business to Ireland, Jefferson Payroll has decades of payroll service experience and expertise for international companies from around the world that are based in Ireland.  We understand the specific needs that these payrolls demand so offer a service that is specific to your needs.

We manage payroll for dozens of companies based out of the UK already and have the expertise and channel partners to meet all your payroll, HR, pension, and your other compensation & benefit needs.

We maintain strict controls, continued high investment in data security, access to special reporting, accurate treatment of complex pay and deductions, and total business continuity and disaster recovery (DR).  

We also link with many vendors to facilitate data flow, integration and reporting.

Payroll Services

  • PAYE Registration Assistance
  • Starting a Payroll in Ireland (FREE Guide)
  • Payroll Structure Guidance
  • End to End Payroll Processing
  • Payment Services (SEPA)
  • Intereface with other systems, e.g., HR, T&A, Finance
  • iPayslips or Payslips
  • Approved Share Scheme Processing
  • Expatriate Payrolls
  • Management / Executive payrolls
  • Quarterly Director Payrolls
  • Net to Gross Calculations
  • Custom Report and File Exports
  • Employee Services (query resolution)
  • Online Payroll Access
  • Secure Controls
  • Audit Reporting (facilitating SOX Compliance)
  • Business Continuity Investment
  • Disaster Recovery Site (co-lo) 

Right  from  the start, Jefferson impressed Sun Life  with their efficient, professional  manner  –  an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated  the  accurate  results  we  were  looking  for.   We needed to dramatically cut down on time spent on payroll and Jefferson helped us do just that.  By partnering with Jefferson, we have a payroll that is finally automated, controlled and accurate, which is vitally important in our industry.sun-Life-financial
Marian Kiely (Payroll Specialist)