Multinational Payroll Services

Ireland has long been a very attractive market for big international global companies looking to expand their business and operations.  The Emerald Island is the European hub for many of the leading multinational enterprises. Over 1000 top FDI giants from a wide range of business sectors like Pharmaceuticals, Social Media, Finance and ICT have made Ireland the centre of their European operations.

Companies are becoming increasingly globalised and are recruiting employees from all over the world. While this adds value to a business, it can also bring with it some complexities that are time-consuming.  Understanding the local payroll legislation with all its tax rules and regulations can be complicated. That is why, when entering the Irish market, most companies prefer to fully outsource their payroll process, in order to reduce costs and lower their risk of not being fully compliant. 

Jefferson Payroll has decades of multinational payroll services experience and expertise for international companies based in Ireland.  We offer specialist support and guidance to multinational companies entering the Irish market and who are recruiting employees in Ireland, or from overseas.

We understand the specific needs that multinational payrolls demand, so we offer a service that is specific to your business.  We also guarantee strict controls, continuous investment in data security, access to special reporting, accurate treatment of complex pay and deductions, and total business continuity and disaster recovery (DR), including workplace recovery in a co-location.

We link with many third-party vendor systems to facilitate data flow, integration and reporting. Please contact us by phone or email if your company needs any more information regarding our payroll service.

Multinational Payroll Services:

  • PAYE Registration Assistance
  • Starting a Payroll in Ireland (FREE Guide)
  • Custom Payroll Structures
  • End to End Payroll Processing
  • Payment Services
  • Act as your agent in Revenue
  • Links with other systems, e.g., HR, T&A, Finance
  • iPayslips or Paper Payslips
  • Net to Gross Calculations
  • Custom Report and File Exports
  • Employee Services (payslip queries)
  • Secure Controls
  • Audit Reporting
  • Approved Share Scheme Processing
  • Online Payroll Access
  • Expatriate Payrolls
  • Management / Executive payrolls
  • Quarterly Director Payrolls
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 

Right  from  the start, Jefferson impressed Sun Life  with their efficient, professional  manner  –  an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated  the  accurate  results  we  were  looking  for.   We needed to dramatically cut down on time spent on payroll and Jefferson helped us do just that.  By partnering with Jefferson, we have a payroll that is finally automated, controlled and accurate, which is vitally important in our industry.sun-Life-financial
Marian Kiely (Payroll Specialist)


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