SME Payroll Services

Managing payroll can be challenging for SME companies. In-house payroll can be time-consuming, problematic, and a constant source of stress and concern. 

Every time someone is hired, there are multiple forms to fill, taxes to liquidate, regulations to comply with, checks to sign. And if a mistake is made, the company could wind up having to deal with severe fines and fees.

Payroll outsourcing may seem like something reserved only for the major enterprises. Still, the fact is that SMEs can often be the type of companies that can benefit the most from outsourcing their payroll.

To efficiently manage payroll, you need specialised software, resources, and expertise. For small and medium sized business, the costs of running payroll in-house, training and upskilling staff as well as the actual payroll software costs and support, are often somewhat disproportionate to the company size and the number of employees on the payroll.

At Jefferson Payroll, we specialise in providing professional and secure payroll services for SMEs.

We have the knowledge, experience, flexibility and resources to deliver a payroll service tailored to the particular needs of each business.  No matter what your company’s size is (starting at just one employee and up), sector or particular requirements are, Jefferson Payroll can add real value to your business.

  1. Efficient, comprehensive SME payroll services
  2. For small to medium-sized business payrolls
  3. Smart PAYE returns 
  4. Flexible pricing structure to help you grow 
  5. SME payroll services built on great relationships 
  6. Pricing structure guaranteed to save you time, money and stress
  7. Well structured, “easy-to-use” data transfer system
  8. Remove manual intervention and reduces the risk of errors
  9. The process includes approval and amendment stages 
  10. Gives you control and peace of mind 

SME Payroll Services:

  • Employee payroll maintenance
  • Revenue tax updates via ROS (RPN Management)
  • Starter/ Leaver payroll processing
  • Fixed pay & deduction payroll processing
  • Variable pay & deduction payroll processing
  • Calculation of payroll
  • System validation and spot checking
  • Data validation & approval
  • Payment to employees
  • Payment and reporting to third parties 
  • Choice of payslips or iPayslips
  • Employer Copy Payslips & Statutory Reports
  • Excel Reports for ad hoc analysis
  • Annual New Tax Year Transition
  • Year-End Payroll Budgetary Software Updates

Please contact us by phone or email if you are a small to medium sized enterprise in in Ireland that needs support for its payroll process. We will be happy to can provide a quote or require further information regarding this payroll service.

Jefferson Payroll provide us with an efficient, cost effective and confidential service. We consistently receive the highest level of customer service & I have no hesitation in recommending Jefferson Payroll to any organisation needing a professional payroll outsourcing service. tekpak_small
Lorraine Kelly (Accounts Department)


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