Start-Up Payroll

Starting a business in Ireland whether an international company or a local business can be daunting with so many tasks to complete with perhaps little local knowledge and expertise. One task that must not get delayed is payroll. Our comprehensive start-up payroll service and guidance will ensure you get up and running easily.

Start-Up Payroll Services (expand)

  • PAYE Registration Assistance
  • Payroll Regulations and Norms
  • Payments & Banking Setup 
  • Payment & Deduction Norms
  • Guidance on benefits, pensions, etc
  • Payroll Processing Packages
  • Full Statutory Reports
  • iPayslips or Paper Payslips
  • Year End Transition
  • Statutory Updates
  • Employee & Employer Support
  • Low Cost / High Value Packages

I have worked with financial/ Payroll organisations for more than 10 years in different countries.

The last six years I have worked for HISC and I am supported in Payroll by Jefferson. I work directly with Jackie and I am very happy about this relationship. I would like to take this opportunity to pay special thanks to Jackie.

She is always very friendly, flexible and helpful. I receive any needed information, documents or support very quickly. She makes my tasks/job less stressful and more effective. Thank you Jackie. I wish your company a lot of success and I hope we can work together for a long time.


Agnes Czarnecka (Payroll Administrator)


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