Start-Up Payroll

Starting a business in Ireland, whether an international company or a local business can be daunting with so many tasks to complete with perhaps little local knowledge and expertise. One task that must not get delayed is payroll. From the minute your employees start working or even if it’s just you, a payroll system is required.

Payroll is an essential part of every business and demands considerable experience, and expertise as it is subject to various legal and tax compliance requirements. The best solution for Start-Up companies is to outsource their payroll to a professional payroll services company right from the beginning. 

With almost 50 years’ experience, Jefferson Payroll provides payroll services that are tailored to the needs of start-up companies.  Our comprehensive start-up payroll service and guidance will ensure you get up and running easily. And as your business evolves, our payroll services can grow to meet the needs of your growing business.

 Start-Up Payroll Services:

  • PAYE Registration Assistance
  • Start-Up Guide
  • Payroll Regulations and Norms
  • Payments & Banking Setup 
  • Payment & Deduction Norms
  • Guidance on benefits, pensions, etc
  • Payroll Processing Packages
  • Full Statutory Reports
  • iPayslips or Paper Payslips
  • Year-End Transition
  • Statutory Updates
  • Employee & Employer Support
  • Low Cost / High-Value Packages

If you are an employer starting a new business in Ireland, and you need help and support with processing your employees’ payments, please contact us by phone or email. We can offer a free quote should you require further information regarding our payroll service.

We have entrusted Jefferson with our payroll since the stadium was opened in 2010. We have found the entire team to be technically competent, enthusiastic, professional and easy to work with.

They clearly understand our business and payroll needs and deliver a high quality solution that saves us a great deal of time, effort and stress.

iPayslips are a massive time saver.aviva-LOGO

Kevin Kileen (Steward Admin Manager)


Our start-up payroll service will keep you on track, save you money & comply with Revenue...


Payroll outsourcing is way more efficient than in-house payroll; Never ill, absent, or needs time off...


Large organisations need extremely tight payroll controls, custom payroll reports & flexible collation methods...


Providing full outsourced payroll services to FDI companies in Ireland for almost 50 years...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a payroll in Ireland?

Are you a company from overseas setting up in Ireland? Or you simply have some employees working for you in Ireland that you need paid? Please contact us now or download this FREE payroll start-up guide to get you on the right track.

How does a payroll service work?

Payroll services help employers to meet their financial plans without the overhead of hiring expertise and managing software. A payroll service provides all the necessary tasks to calculate and deduct accurately the statutory taxes and social insurance from your employees. We provide real-time reporting to Revenue through the payroll processing function as well as ensuring your employees tax allowances & credits are always up-to-date. 

What is a payroll provider?

As payroll us “mission critical”, i..e, it must be paid on time and all the time, payroll providers have teams of payroll qualified administrators to manage your payroll for you which provides excellent contingency for your business. Jefferson can help you manage your payroll from the very outset until payment and post payroll tasks such as tax filing, queries, third party payments and reporting and custom payroll export files such as pension and general ledger exports to reduce administration. 

What is a payroll register?

A payroll register is a total record that includes data for all of your employees for a specific pay period of time.  A payroll record is used to keep track of payroll information at an individual basis and Jefferson’s service includes payslips via a portal. This includes all pay YTD, benefits (BIK), total gross tax, gross and net deductions and total net pay.

What does an Irish payslip look like?

Payslips in Ireland can vary in appearance depending on what software your current provider uses and also the level of pay and deduction elements you have on your payroll.  Jefferson’s own payroll software has its own unique layout which all our clients agree is easy to read.  We also provide a useful site for employees (requires registration) to learn how to read and interpret their payslip

We are an overseas company that needs to setup a payroll in Ireland. Can you help us?

Yes, at Jefferson Payroll we accept overseas companies that are in need for a payroll in Ireland. Whether if you are just a start-up or an established business expanding in Ireland contact our team is ready to help you. Contact us today and start your payroll in Ireland.

How do I register for a PAYE number in Ireland?

If you are hiring employees to start work in Ireland, you will need to register for a PAYE number. PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn.  If you are an employer you will need to pay tax liabilities through the PAYE system. Jefferson provides assistance for companies looking to apply for a PAYE number - please also check this Revenue page. You can find a useful Revenue Guide to PAYE in this blog article.

My employee(s) have started working and I have no PAYE number yet. What do I do?

To register your employees that just started working we advise you to do this before your employees start officially working in your company in order to calculate accurate tax for your employees based on their salary and to have this done on time. Your tax paid through PAYE will start from the first salary you pay to your employee. If you still haven’t claimed your PAYE number we advise you to register for it. You can consult with us about your PAYE number and read our Payroll Service for Start-Ups in Ireland.

I have overseas employees starting work for the first time in Ireland. Is there anything they need to do?

There are multiple factors that should be considered for this specific situation. If your employees are working outside of Ireland and don’t have residency, their resident position will have an impact on the tax that is needed to pay. To learn more about the tax needed to pay in such a case contact us.

How much does it cost for your start-up services?

To learn more about our start-up prices for payroll services begin your enquiry here and our team will get back to you with more details on the pricing.