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Tax return

Revenue recently released the following information on availability of FORM 11 and also that there will be an updated version available on ROS from mid-June. More details below.

The ROS Form 11 is available since 1 January 2018, in both online and offline ROS facilities.

Further details are available in the Tax and Duty Manual Part 38-01-04B.

When filing a Form 11 on a joint assessment basis, specific attention is drawn to the changes in the ‘Personal Details’ section and the requirement to provide additional information about the taxpayer’s spouse/civil partner.  Other changes to the 2017 ROS Form 11, compared to previous years’ forms, are highlighted in the Tax and Duty manual.

An updated version of the ROS Form 11 will be available in ROS from mid-June. Taxpayers or agents should note this in case they have a draft tax return in progress that they wish to submit before the updated Form goes “live” in mid-June. Any draft return that is on hold when the updated form goes “live” may have to be revisited before it can be submitted to Revenue.


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