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High Res Hand Mobile iPayslips Payslip_400x543 Ericsson predicts in 2019 there will be 5.6 billion smartphone subscriptions, out of 9.3 billion total mobile subscription.

One opportunity this presents for companies and individuals is reach.   Reach your target market, reach your friends, reach your employees.

A good example of reaching employees for statutory reasons is providing payslips, particularly to highly mobile employees or employees with little or no access to internet during work hours.

Online (Portal) and electronic (emailed PDF) payslips continue to grow in popularity because they offer so many benefits such as removing the need to print and post payslips.

Online payslips have the added advantage over email payslips in that you can view multiple periods from anywhere, at anytime.

Desktop websites that render to a mobile version on a smartphone (using responsive site design) is becoming the norm because pinching and zooming is not always ideal when viewing full size web pages on smartphone screens.

The same difficulty exists on smartphone browsers when reading online or PDF payslips (emailed) because of the presentation of numbers and calculations.

So once your screen is below a certain size, making payslips easier on your employees eyes, simply makes sense!

With smartphone growth moving at such a staggering pace the future question may not be, what can you do on a smartphone, but rather what can’t you?

Maybe it is time to say goodbye to paper payslips completely?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

If you like the idea of easy-to-use, easy-to-read payslips on a smartphone for your employees please visit this page for more details.

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