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There are many benefits to payroll outsourcing for a small to medium sized business (SMEs), including an easier payroll process, lower risk of errors, and most importantly, happy employees every pay day.

  1. The primary benefit of outsourcing payroll for a small to medium-sized business is that it is considerably easier and requires less time than doing it in-house from start to finish.

  2. Another benefit of outsourcing your payroll is that there is significantly less risk involved in the employee’s work hours.

  3. By hiring a professional payroll provider and saving on administrative costs; real and hidden!

  4. It is more efficient to outsource payroll because you are eliminating the cost of employing a payroll person, employee benefits, and other administrative costs associated with employees, e.g., re-hiring to replace them if they leave !

  5. Outsourcing your payroll enables greater flexibility and added contingency. Why have a single point of failure in any aspect of your business? When you outsource, you gain a whole team of experts, not just one.

  6. Why should small businesses not get the best tech? With payslips via your phone, general & and pension upload files, secure employee (and third party) payments as well as full access to payroll expertise, the question is not why outsource, but rather why not???