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The Payroll Effect – Budget 2013

By December 14, 2012February 1st, 2022No Comments

Now that the dust has settled on Budget 2013, Jefferson will analyse it from a purely payroll point of view, i.e., what sort of “funnies” can you expect to see as a result and what are the things to watch out for.

We will be providing more detailed information on the items below in upcoming posts so do follow us on the right hand side to ensure you don’t miss them. 

2013: There are three main items that affect PAYE workers:

  1. Removal of PRSI allowance
  2. Taxation of maternity benefit
  3. USC 7% rate for over 70s

2014 (to be confirmed):

  • Revenue have indicated to us that a 4th rate of USC for 2014 is “probable”.
  • The P2C will handle Department of Social Protection information on illness and maternity from 2014.

More on SEPA:

Further to our other two posts on SEPA (the Single European Payment Area) which will go live from April 2014, some banks will accept SEPA files (IBAN and Swift codes) from the early part of 2013. There are a number of file format standards being touted but the established one will be known as ISO 2022 – all banks MUST accept this file standard.   

We will be providing more on all these topics in the coming months.

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