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Outsourced Payroll Services

You send us your payroll data and we do the rest!  

Okay, so that's a bit simplified, but it can be that easy.  We work with you to make your payroll work for you.   We offer a unique data collation method that ensure data is uploaded, NOT keyed.  It is easy to use, ensures accuracy and suits centralised and decentralised payroll functions.  It is also flexible for linking with your own systems (HR, T&A) to reduce manual or double entry processes.

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Outsourced payroll provider You get a “no hidden costs” pricing structure which is highly competitive and we ensure your payroll service goes beyond what other providers offer.  

With a high satisfaction rating of 98.3% in a client survey, you’ll see why so many Irish and multinational companies have remained with us for decades.

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EuroMan_small Payroll outsourcing works for any type or size business as it helps reduce costs, add expertise and ensures contingency, confidentiality and peace of mind  - so important for something as "mission critical" as payroll. We break down our payroll services into SME, large enterprise, multinational and start-up?

Which one are you?

Because here's how you'll benefit...Reduce Risks

Reliability – Never suffer because of human or financial shortfalls. You get a reliable, accurate and efficient payroll team to manage your payroll needs.

Expertise – Outsourcing your payroll with Jefferson's brings you years of expertise that is difficult to maintain in-house with ever changing legislation. Your payroll will always be run, managed, and performed professionally and with a dedication to uncompromising quality of service.

Cost Savings – By outsourcing payroll you will reduce employee and operational overheads, as well as the need to compensate for employee absences (maternity, sickness, career leave).  The cost of running administrative departments like payroll can quickly spiral out of control.

Focus – Focus on your main business activities.  Don't get caught up in the complexities of business support departments.  Unnecessarily spending valuable time and resources on behind the scenes functions has a negative impact on core operations.  Jefferson's dedicated team relieves you of those distractions.

Flexibility – Payroll outsourcing with Jefferson gives you the flexibility to suit unique business needs.  We don't get bogged down by payroll issues even if you operate short-term contracts, ad hoc payments, seasonal, or shifts . At Jefferson Payroll, we have the resources to provide you with and efficient and effective payroll system whatever the nature of your business.

Continuity – employee turnover or absence, poor management, and insufficient knowledge or experience can bring uncertainty into the work environment. While many of these issues can be resolved over time, your payroll function can’t afford to wait for efficiency and accuracy.  By outsourcing with Jefferson you get the kind of reliability and continuity a payroll department must have.

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Don’t take risks when it comes to paying your employees...

  • They are your greatest asset so paying them accurately and on time, is much more than just good manners!
  • Reliable payroll management promotes a happy and productive working environment.
  • It gives you peace of mind so that you can concentrate on the core aspects of your business.

Most importantly, though, having a dedicated team of experts to handle your payroll process  will promote the integrity of your business reputation.

We provide a broad range of payroll outsourcing services whether your a start-up, a leading large enterprise, SME or a multinational looking to transition into the Irish market – we have the payroll experience, flexibility, expertise and resources to guarantee you an excellent payroll service.