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Start-Up Payroll

Use our payroll start-up service to keep you on track, save you money & comply with Revenue…

Starting a business in Ireland, whether an international company or a local business can be daunting with so many tasks to complete with perhaps little local knowledge and expertise.

One task that must not get delayed is payroll. From the minute your employees start working or even if it’s just you, a payroll system is required.

Payroll is an essential part of every business and demands considerable experience, and expertise as it is subject to various legal and tax compliance requirements.

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Over 50 years’ experience

The best solution for Start-Up companies is to outsource their payroll to a professional payroll services company right from the beginning.

Jefferson provides payroll services that are tailored to the needs of start-up companies. Our comprehensive start-up payroll service and guidance will ensure you get up and running easily.

And as your business evolves, our payroll services can expand to meet the needs of your growing business.

“…consider the value of having access to a professional service as your business and payroll needs change. And, they will change.”

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

Costs depend on multiple factors, such as how many employees your company has and how frequently you pay your staff. At Jefferson Payroll, we have a transparent pricing system to match our bespoke payroll services. Contact us for a quote should you require further information and the changeover will be addressed by us, with utmost accuracy, speed and efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Perfect Skill Set

We are passionate about payroll and continuously upskill our staff to remain at the top of our game...

Our management team are highly qualified and experienced in project management and our entire team has over 200+ years of combined experience and expertise.

Staff are payroll qualified (IPASS) to certificate & diploma levels and also receive training in customer services, team leader management, customer care and IT skills including data related excel training, communication and data and cyber security.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is payroll outsourcing for?

In short, payroll outsourcing is suitable for any business. It works for large and mid-range payrollsmultinational and small to medium sized (SME) companies.  Because payroll outsourcing ensures cost savings + contingency, the services can suit any size, industry or payroll frequency.

We also offer specific payroll outsourcing packages for start-ups. It is our policy to provide a payroll outsourcing model that works best for you.

How does payroll outsourcing work?

It works like this.  You send us your payroll data and we do the rest!  Okay, so that sounds a bit simplified, but because every payroll can be unique, we work with you to make it work for you. For larger payrolls we often link with other internal systems to get data. For smaller ones we provide easy to use input files to make it easy for us to process and easy for you to check! Let’s talk and we’ll show you how easy it is.

How much does payroll outsourcing cost?

It is our priority to ensure our payroll outsourcing service goes beyond what other payroll companies offer. Our “no hidden costs” pricing structure is very competitive and consistenly high satisfaction rating in our client surveys, you’ll soon see why so many Irish businesses have come to depend on us for great service at a fair price.

Pricing typically depends on size, complexity, number of payroll transactions  and the services required.

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How does payroll outsourcing benefit you?

Cost Savings – Payroll functions are complex and they demand specialist knowledge.  When using in-house payroll administrators you’re committed to taking on employee overheads, operational overheads, and for compensating employee absences (maternity, sickness, career leave).  The cost of running administrative departments like payroll can quickly spiral out of control.  Payroll outsourcing helps you avoid any potential pitfalls.

Focus – Payroll Outsourcing means you get to focus on your core competencies.  All too often companies get caught up in the complexities of their business support departments. Unnecessarily spending valuable time and resources on behind the scenes functions can have a negative impact on your core operations.  With our dedicated team of experts we’ll relieve you of those business distractions.

Reliability – Because our whole focus is payroll outsourcing, you’ll never suffer because of human or financial shortfalls. We have all the resources necessary to ensure you get a reliable, accurate and efficient service to manage all your payroll operations.

Expertise – Outsourcing your payroll will automatically bring expert management to your payroll function.  You can relax in the knowledge that your payroll will always be run, managed, and performed by a team of specialists who are dedicated to bringing you an uncompromising quality of service.

Flexibility – payroll outsourcing means you’ll get flexibility to suit your unique business needs.  You won’t get bogged down by payroll issues even if you operate on short-term contract, ad hoc, seasonal, shift or changing basis.  At Jefferson we have the resources to provide you with and efficient and effective payroll system whatever the nature of your business.

Continuity – employee turnover or absence, poor management, and insufficient knowledge or experience can bring uncertainty into the work environment. While many of these issues can be resolved over time, your payroll function can’t afford to wait for efficiency and accuracy. By outsourcing you’ll get the kind of reliability and continuity a payroll department needs to have.

Is it easy to setup?

Yes.  Our experienced team will manage and facilitate the changeover using our systematic approach.  Our payroll implementation protocol is drawn up from many years experience in taking on payroll from one system to another. from your existing payroll software or provider.

Our implementation protocol covers:

  • Payroll status, e.g., start-up v established company
  • Time of year for transition
  • Availability of current data, e.g. in-house software v current provider
  • Quality of current payroll data to be transferred
  • Correct set-up and treatment of pay & deductions
  • Sense checking and analysis
  • Parallel testing and balancing
  • Identification of any legacy issues and correction
  • Set-up with authorities, e.g., banks, Revenue.

I have a payroll outsourcing solution in place. Why change?

Our focus is being a partner, not just a provider, to ensure your payroll function works for you in the best possibel way.  We promote our exclusive and efficient input process that keeps both costs down, and you in control.

With over 50 years experience and expertise in the Irish payroll outsourcing sector, we guarantee a service that is second to none and at fair and competitive prices.

Can you visit us to discuss our payroll needs?

Of course.  Outsourcing your payroll or switching from an existing provider are big steps in any decision. We would be delighted to drop by and see you, take you through the services, and ensure you are comfortable with the process.

We can also arrange Teams/Zoom meetings for discussion, demos and training fom the comfort of your own office.

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What payroll reports or data do I receive?

You get full soft copy statutory reports and ER copy payslips as standard and as we develop and maintain our own software, we have the facility to develop custom reports and file extracts for your other systems if needed, e.g., GL or HR. Reports are available in many formats including excel and PDF.

Do you provide electronic or online payslips?

Yes via our secure iPayslips portal.  Enhance your employees payroll outsourcing experience by giving them 24/7 access to their payslips, enabling them to view and print payslip. There is also a mobile friendly version, making it easy to view payslip on a smaller screen.

iPayslips saves you time and cost and keeps your employees happy. Employer copies are also provided electronically.

Other payslip options are also availabe, e.g. printed or emailed.

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What about multiple payroll frequencies?

You can have multiple payrolls under the same PAYE number (entity) or multiple payrolls under multiple entities.  Jefferson can accommodate monthly, weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or even annual payrolls. We also help (where possible) with a consistent structure to assist with post payroll needs such as consolidated reporting.

What payroll software do you use?

We develop and maintain our own payroll software which has many additional features that your current payroll may not have.

We have the capability to develop custom reports and file extracts (for your post payroll reporting or General Ledger uploading requirements) and we often convert and import data in specific formats, e.g., Excel. CSV, text to our simply to use import layout.

Do we need training?

To get the most from our services (and as part of implementation), we make recommendations on how to structure your payroll for your type of business and process flow.

We will also provide you with training on the input process, validation and outputs. That way, you gain the greatest efficiencies in the overall process and get the most from your post payroll reports.

We are an multinational start-up (FDI); can you assist?

Yes, we can assist you and provide multinational payroll services to hundreds of multinational companies.  Jefferson has it’s own exclusive Payroll Start Up Guide available to companies setting up from abroad.  We can also guide you in the right direction on payroll norms, revenue registration, tax filing, and much more.

Can you make SEPA payments?

Yes, we are fully SEPA compliant and can generate and manage the upload of SEPA bank files on your behalf.  We can also provide files to you for processing on your own banking software / portal.

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Will I still be in control of my business payroll?

Yes, 100% in control. Outsourcing your payroll doesn’t mean outsourcing control.  As we process your payroll, we work with you in partnership, to ensure the most efficient outcomes with total transparency throughout all process.

During implementation, you choose the authorsied contacts to submit payroll, approve payroll (and approve payments if applicable)

We provide a process workflow with every quote to make it easy to understand the roles and responsibilities of both parties.

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I only have one employee. Is my business too small to outsource Payroll?

At Jefferson Payroll, no business is too big or too small. We can cater to any size company and provide payroll services tailored to your business-specific needs, present and future as your company evolves and grows.

Payroll Services

I have over 1,000 employees. Is my business too big to outsource Payroll?

No, Jefferson Payroll can add real value to your business regardless of the size of your company. Our payment specialists have the experience of running payrolls up to 10,000 employees weekly, so no payroll is too big.

Do I have to wait until year-end to outsource the payroll of my business?

You can start to outsource your payroll at the time you find most convenient. At Jefferson Payroll, we work with you to provide a seamless transition as it is essential to ensure your business payroll continuity.

We have several approaches to implementation depending on the time of year – contact us for  more details.

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Do you guarantee total confidentiality?

Payroll confidentiality, security, and data protection are a top priority at Jefferson Payroll.  We fully comply with the data protection principles set out under GDPR and invest heavily in data security systems and the security training for all our employees.


How do I get started?

Contact us and we will get in touch with you to discuss your needs in more detail.

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