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Payroll Team

The Perfect Skill Set

You get direct access to your own payroll professional to help manage your payroll as well as the back up of a whole IPASS qualified payroll operations team.  Your payroll is ALWAYS in safe hands. 

Furthermore, our payroll software development team, who are part of the PSDA (Payroll Software Developers Association) provide valuable assistance and support to both our clients and the payroll operations team.

So whether you have a payroll background or not, our job is to make your job easier. When you speak to your Jefferson Payroll account manager, it will feel like speaking to one of your own colleagues.

“…you are gaining a concentration of dedicated expertise and technology that is difficult to match within the organisation. We have made payroll our business so that you can get on with yours.”


Our business simply would not work without the dedication of experienced professionals who encourage collaboration, teamwork, and participation, both internally and externally to maintain the high standards of service we insist on for our customers.


We are so passionate about running payroll, we continuously up skill our staff to remain at the top of their game. Our team are payroll qualified (IPASS) as well as skilled in customer service, team leader management, customer care and IT skills, communication, and data security.


Our workforce contains a healthy balance of experience and youth with many of our senior staff with the company for over 30 years. That coupled with our comprehensive training and induction programme for our new recruits ensures you the best possible start to your payroll outsourcing service.

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