To ensure everyone gets paid on time, every time, there has to be a clear and precise strategy in place when it comes to managing payroll.  This is a demanding, timely and often complex process and without the right resources in place, it puts huge amounts of pressure onto a business.

Segregated Payments Dept

Because our payments dept is separate to our payroll operations dept, payments are approved on two levels ensuring a robust and secure framework in the payroll process. Having access to a dedicated payments dept ensures compliance across the board whether Jefferson upload the bank file for payment on your behalf or securely send the bank file to you for upload.

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“…our goal – to help you make your payroll and payroll related functions, well organised, confidential & secure by using innovative methods and automated processes”


500M in payments annually

On pay day, there is NOTHING more important than your employees’ net pay.

So, ensuring the correct net payment is made to their account on time, every time, is the reason we exist.

In fact, it is so important, Jefferson commissioned the development of “deadline-driven” scheduling software to ensure payments for your employees are paid on time, all the time, and with a complete audit trail.

Third Party Payments

Do even more...

Why not have payments made directly to third parties on your behalf . We can pay pensions, health insurance, savings schemes, union, or just about any net deduction made through payroll.  

We provide all payment information for you in a report and specific custom file formats or reports for the third-party companies are also available to reconcile the payment transferred.

A changing landscape...

Digital Accounts

Digital Bank Accounts are becoming more and more popular particularly with some well-known banks discontinuing their services in Ireland. 

Jefferson has teamed up with Money Jar,  a digital current account provider, to offer you a solution. You can open a digital account in about 5 mins and payments can be made directly to your digital bank account immediately.

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