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Data Security

Security is our Priority

Payroll constantly deals with sensitive information as personal data collected from employees is essential for timely, accurate and legal payroll processing.

Out-of-date data security procedures and inadequate staff training on how to handle payroll data can cause severe security leaks with confidential data falling into the wrong hands. Without clear and precise privacy guidelines for how to properly handle personal information, errors are bound to happen, resulting in a privacy risk.

Treating payroll information with privacy and confidentiality is critical, so at Jefferson Payroll, we do our best to protect, secure and keep your data confidential.

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“…by outsourcing your payroll with Jefferson, you will keep pace and minimise the impact of rapid changes in payroll software, compliance, standards, and legislation.”

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Controls, Policies, Procedures…

With ever-increasing attacks on companies and their employees by cybercriminals using sophistcated targeting techniques, it has never been more important to continuously and rigidily upgrade hardware and software systems, as well as ongoing investment in cybersecurity training.

Jefferson Payroll invests heavily in protecting your data using the “best practice” technology and sophisticated methodology as well as engaging industry leading partners.

As a client you gain access to our compliance website, policies and procedures, as well as detailed information about the protection systems in place to ensure your data is always secure.

Policies & Procedures: Information Access & Usage Employee ConfidentialityData Transfer Protocols Network Security & Monitoring Encryption Intrusion PreventionPenetration & Vulnerability Testing Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Physical Security Cybersecurity Training

  • IT Security partner is ISO 27001 registered
  • Multi-factor authentication is utilised across devices
  • Communications encrypted in transit for files and messaging/email (TLS)
  • Custom coded 365 Transport Rules + Safeguard Send to reduce the risk of emails being sent to incorrect recipients
  • All servers are encrypted at rest
  • SonicWall firewalls for network scanning and VPN connections
  • Webroot Secure Anywhere for Endpoint Protection, Cyber Security, Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing
  • Security Awareness Training manadatory for all staff twice annually and random testing carried out on a regular basis
  • Web Titian monitoring is utilised to control Internet Browsing
  • Under GDPR specific Categories of Data required only for payroll and applicable to the services being provided
  • Obsolete data wiped using digital erasing software up to as much as 7 passes (US DOD standards)
  • Full back-up and continuity plan using Azure cloud technology

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