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Digital Current Account

Freedom to be better with money

A simple, new approach.

Open an Irish digital current account instantly, from anywhere.

With our mobile app, signing up to digital current account remotley for your employees is easy, quick and safe.

  • Open an account remotely on a phone
  • No service fee for up to 3 months 
  • Pay-as-you-go transactions with no hidden fees

Onboard employees faster.

With Money Jar gone are the days of waiting for banks and excessive paperwork to open a current account.

  • Open an account before arriving in Ireland 
  • Pay salaries to an Irish IBAN

Pay all Irish Bills

We provide an Irish IBAN (International bank account number) with every account. This means you can set up and pay all your household bills using the Money Jar app, unlike other digital current accounts

  • Irish IBAN
  • Bank to bank transfers
  • Direct debits and standing orders
  • Mastercard Online payments
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay mobile payments
  • Currency FX **Coming Soon** 
  • payments

Freedom to be better with money.

A Money Jar digital current account has lots of ways to stay on top of personal spending and improve long term financial wellbeing through better money management.

  • Unlimited Money Jars help plan for the good times ahead
  • Free, instant payments to friends on Money Jar