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Our Software

By developing our own payroll software and associated data tools in-house, we can be flexible in meeting the service needs demanded by today’s payroll, HR and finance professionals. 

This helps you to take advantage of the latest technology and make it a pleasure to use.  Jefferson provides a unique service in that we promote the uploading of payroll data to our software to remove manual intervention and therefore reduce the risk of errors.

This simplifies your input, improves your checking and approval process and ensures your workflow is smooth and efficient.

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“…payroll service options include basic input/output to more managed data flow such as converting data files for your existing internal systems, e.g. T&A, HR and GL”


Our development team provides payroll support & expertise and, where required, can customise the existing payroll software to satisfy specific input or output requirements:

  • Interface files to internal systems, e.g., General Ledger

  • Extract files, e.g., for your third parties 

  • Time & Attendance Data Convertors 

  • Custom reports, e.g., Headcount

  • Custom modules

  • Other input convertors (middleware)