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Multinational Payroll

Helping FDI companies run their payroll in Ireland for over 50 years…

Companies are becoming increasingly globalised and are recruiting employees from all over the world.  While this adds value to a business, it can also bring with it some complexities that are time-consuming.

That is why, when entering the Irish market, most companies prefer to fully outsource their payroll process, in order to reduce costs and lower their risk of not being fully compliant.

We offer specialist support and guidance to multinational companies entering the Irish market and who are recruiting employees in Ireland, or from overseas.

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Experience matters...

Jefferson has decades of multinational payroll services experience and expertise for international companies based in Ireland

Ireland has long been a very attractive market for big international global companies looking to expand their business and operations.  The Emerald Island is the European hub for many of the leading multinationals with over 1000 top FDI giants from sectors like pharmaceuticals, social media, finance and ICT.

With  deep understanding of the specific needs that multinational payrolls demand, we can offer a service that is specific to your business. For example, we can link with many third-party vendor systems to facilitate data flow, integration and reporting.

We also have strict controls, continuous investment in data security, access to special reporting, accurate treatment of complex pay and deductions, and total business continuity and disaster recovery.

“…by outsourcing your payroll with Jefferson, you will keep pace and minimise the impact of rapid changes in payroll software, compliance, standards, and legislation.”

How much does it cost? Is it expensive?

Costs depend on multiple factors, such as how many employees your company has and how frequently you pay them.   At Jefferson Payroll, we have a transparent pricing system to match our bespoke payroll services.

Contact us for a quote should you require further information and you can also be assured that the transition and implementation will be addressed with utmost accuracy and efficiency, that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Perfect Skill Set

We are passionate about payroll and continuously upskill our staff to remain at the top of our game...

Our management team are highly qualified and experienced in project management and our entire team has over 200+ years of combined experience and expertise.

Staff are payroll qualified (IPASS) to certificate & diploma levels and also receive training in customer services, team leader management, customer care and IT skills including data related excel training, communication and data and cyber security.

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