Here is your step-by-step guide to viewing (or saving/printing) your Employment Detail Summary (P60 equivalent for 2019 onward).  It replaces your P60 (as a result of PAYE modernisation) but you will need to login in to Revenue’s myAccount to view or generate it. 

Here’s how you do it in 5 simple steps: 

STEP 1: Login to myAccount

STEP 2: Under PAYE Services click Review your Tax 2016 – 2019

STEP 3: Choose Year (in this example 2019) and click View link under Statement of Liability

STEP 4: View your document 2 ways – on screen or by clicking PDF or go to the year you wish to view documents for and then click PDF


STEP 5: PDF will open in another tab/window in your browser where you can print or save it.

And that’s it….good luck! 

↓ Ever wondered how payroll outsourcing works? ↓ 


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