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Understanding Your Payslip

By June 21, 2011February 1st, 2022No Comments

With all the changes in Budgets and Finance Bills, the net affect is that understanding payslips is becoming more difficult especially if your payroll contains a wide range of comps and bens.  Throw in the new USC and changes in PRSI, it is no wonder people have difficulty understanding their payslip.

Jefferson has two options to remedy this.

The first is a website called (requires registration & for Jefferson clients only) and enables your employees to view of our electronic payslips and understand it in detail .

The second is on-site Payslip Presentations to your employees as part of our Payroll Workshop range of services. These can be provided in groups and it they give your employees a good sense of understanding payroll calculations in Ireland as well as an excellent understanding of their payslip .

For more details, contact us

All the best,
The Team at Jefferson

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