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Employee PRSI changes for 2013

By January 23, 2013February 1st, 2022No Comments

As mentioned in our “Payroll Effect” post in December we will be providing a number of informative posts on budgetary changes for this year.

Removal of PRSI allowance for employees

Below is a table that highlights the real effect or values on your  pay from Jan 2013.  It highlights the amounts you will be down if paid monthly, weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly or 4-weekly.

It is based on the most common Class A1:  

Frequency Earnings exceed Net by reduced by
Weekly €500 €5.08
Fortnightly €1,000 €10.16
Bi-Monthly €1,084 €11.02
4-Weekly €2,000 €20.32
Monthly €2,167 €22.04

The PRSI allowance applies to Class A, H and E contributors. The PRSI allowance for modified rate contributors (Classes B, C and D) amounting to €26 is also being abolished.

There will be no impact on employees with weekly earnings which do not exceed €352.

The official guide can be downloaded from DSP site here

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