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Amendment of tax returns by taxpayers and agents (Source:Revenue)

Practitioners’ attention is drawn to Revenue’s new guidance in relation to amending tax returns which reflects the changes introduced by Finance (No. 2) Act 2013.

This guidance clarifies how and when a taxpayer or their agent can amend a tax return which has already been filed. It also clarifies and explains that any claim for repayment of tax arising out of an error or mistake in a tax return, and submitted to Revenue after 1 January 2014, cannot be a valid claim (as required under section 865) until such time as an amended tax return is filed.

Practitioners’ particular attention is drawn to the fact that taxpayers must meet certain time limits to obtain the benefits of self-correction without penalty. These time limits are set out in the Code of Practice. Correcting a tax return through ROS may not be sufficient, in itself, to qualify as a self-correction.

For more info download this manual from Revenue’s website.


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