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The long and the short of it is this; don’t use cheques from today if making payments to Government Departments/Offices, Local Authorities and State Agencies.

The below are the official details from Revenue (taken from their website):

The National Payment Plan: e-Day

The National Payments Plan (‘NPP’), approved by Government, recommended ending cheque usage between Government and business in 2014. In this regard, the Department of Finance established 19th September 2014 as e-Day. This is the date from which Government Departments/Offices, Local Authorities and State Agencies will no longer use cheques in their dealings with businesses. The particular focus of e-Day is to encourage Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to migrate from cheque usage to electronic payment methods. A shift to electronic as a preferred method of payment will result in reduced costs and improved cash-flow for the overall business sector. Revenue supports the e-Day initiative and asks business customers and their agents to work with us to achieve the e-Day goal.

Alternative to cheques

Revenue provides an extensive range of alternative payment methods to cheques. The majority of tax payments and refunds are currently made electronically. Online payment methods include direct debits, single debit instructions, debit cards and credit cards. Credit card and debit card payment by telephone is also available on LoCall 1890 273 747. Refunds from Revenue can be processed electronically direct to a customer’s bank account.

Business customers currently using cheques

Business customers currently paying any taxes and duties or receiving any refunds by cheque are encouraged to get ready for e-Day. ROS customers are requested to nominate bank accounts for payments and refunds by selecting the “Manage Bank Accounts” option on their ROS “My Services” tab. Business customers submitting refund claims should ensure that they have supplied refund bank account details so that their repayments can be processed quickly. Agents are requested to promote electronic payment methods to all of their clients to ensure faster, more more secure and efficient services. Business customers and their agents can contact the ROS Payment Support Unit at 1890 226 336 to discuss the electronic payment method that best suits requirements.


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